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Personal Injury

If you have been involved in an incident that has caused you serious injuries, you may be entitled to reimbursement for your medical bills, loss of income from work, and compensation for the pain and suffering and emotional distress.  From auto accidents, truck accidents, slip-and-falls, medical malpractice, or even dog bites, we will work hard to make sure that you receive the largest compensation that you deserve.

It’s important that you speak with a lawyer soon after your accident so that your rights can be preserved.  Insurance companies will try to pay you less than what your case is worth.  Choosing the right lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will make after suffering a serious accident.

At the Law Office of Marco V. Rodriguez, we are extremely thorough in the preparation of each case.  We are relentless in the pursuit to win for our clients.  We are aggressive against the opposition and we work harder than the opposing attorneys.

We will not charge you any legal fees unless you win.  We do not charge any fees unless and until we win your case.

Compensation you may be entitled to:

As a victim of a motor vehicle accident you are entitled to the following compensation that is applicable to you.

What is my case worth:

The value of each case depends upon the severity of the injury; the permanency of the injury; the prognosis; the type of medical treatment received; the necessity of future medical treatment needed; current and future medical bills; the extent of the emotional trauma; and the length of time needed to heal.

No fees unless you win:

We do not charge any fees unless and until we win your case.  Our fees are based on a reasonable percentage of the amount we obtain for you.

Will my case settle out of court?

Most cases settle before reaching trial but at the Law Office of Marco V. Rodriguez we will do everything possible to make sure you get the highest recovery possible. We never settle your case without your authorization.

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